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Benedictine Mission House

Studio Addition
Schuyler, NE

In 1978, the firm of Astle/Ericson & Associates designed the award-winning Benedictine Monastery in Schuyler, Nebraska. This facility won numerous design awards for its natural setting and unified design. The building is earth-sheltered– having an earth-covered roof. It is constructed entirely of cast-in-place concrete and natural wood (cedar). It houses the Benedictine Order and includes business functions along with the unique chapel/sanctuary (see photo below). Dan Reinhardt was a Project Architect with Astle/Ericson from 1989 to 1997.

Reinhardt & Associates has since provided professional architectural services for an addition that includes additional ministry offices and a studio for visiting artists. The construction materials are consistent with the original structure. The addition was completed in 2004.













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