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Eran Industries
LaVista, NE

Eran Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing “Leafproof” gutter covers for only a few years, but the growth they have experienced has led them to the conclusion that additional space was needed. The expansion of their company would also require an image to be built around the company’s philosophy and progressive marketing style. Reinhardt & Associates has been an integral part of this process and is proud of the new facility being constructed at South 135th Street in LaVista (Sarpy County).

The recently completed facility includes over 26,000 total square feet– with its offices/administration occupying approximately 3,000 of the total square feet. The exterior is constructed of steel and pre-cast concrete panels. The interior features a number of smaller offices for salespersons, a spacious Reception/Waiting area, a Break room and Workout room. The open Conference Room includes a custom-designed conference table (by Reinhardt & Associates), and glass doors.













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